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Japan is one of the most amazing and beautiful tourist destinations in the world and one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Adventure-filled cities, delicious food, exquisite scenery such as Mount Fuji, wonderful traditional Japanese ceremonies, along with Japanese culture, history and civilization and advanced technology are part of the charms of this country. Japan is beautiful, especially in spring and the beautiful cherry blossoms - sakura - at the beginning of spring. The civilization, vastness of history and beauty of Japan surrounds every tourist.





Obtaining a visa from the Japanese Embassy in Iran






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The capital of Japan, which is also its largest city, has a wide range of modern and astonishing skyscrapers to traditional and ancient temples. Viewing the beautiful city of Tokyo from the top of the Skytree skyscraper, visiting the Asakusa area and the historical fabric of Tokyo, the beautiful Imperial Palace of Japan, Tokyo Disneyland and visiting the heart of anime, manga and video games are some of the attractions of Tokyo.

Odaiba Island

This artificial island, which was built in the beginning to defend Japan and later developed as a center of trade and water recreation, is connected to Tokyo by the Rainbow Bridge. At Odaiba beach, various and delicious seafood is waiting for tourists.

Hakone and the beautiful view of Mount Fuji

Water tours in the Hakone River, sightseeing in Hakone National Park, cable cars and viewing the beautiful scenery of Mt.Fuji attract tourists to this area in the west of Tokyo.


Mishima is a city in central Japan that is famous for having a large suspension bridge called the Mishima Sky Walk, from which a unique and expansive view of Mt.Fuji can be seen.

Shinkansen or bullet train

Japan's high-speed railway, which was created to connect different parts of Japan to Tokyo with the aim of economic development, is now one of Japan's tourist attractions. Stretched and amazing trains that move at a speed of 250 to 400 km/h and connect the farthest places in the shortest time. The Tokaido Line is one of the most beautiful and amazing trains in Japan, with attractive urban, forest and Mt.Fuji views. The line that is considered one of the fastest ways to travel from Tokyo to Osaka.

Shinkansen or bullet train


The port of Osaka is one of the exciting destinations for adventurers from all over the world with its modern and advanced architecture, street food and active lifestyle of its people. The old temple and the beautiful aquarium of this city are among the sights of Osaka.


North of Osaka is one of the most amazing cities in Japan. A city that was once the capital of Japan and today is one of the symbols of Japan with historical Buddhist temples, Shinto temples and bamboo forests.


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